An array of the APP brochures available today

All of our brochures are available in PDF form for free download.

Print versions are available in packs of 100 for $25.00, for sale through the APP office. (You do not need to be an APP member to purchase and distribute them.) If you are a healthcare professional or educator, you can request sample packets or complementary copies.

All of the information in our brochures (and on our Web site) is available for reprint and re-use according to the copyright terms listed below. We freely allow anyone who needs this information to use it and distribute it in any we they deem useful—we just ask that we are properly credited, the content is not altered, and the use is not a commercial one. (You can’t re-sell our content.)

Almost all of our brochures are available in English, French and Spanish, but translations of our brochures are encouraged. If you translate one, we would love to offer it for download on our site! Just send the text to upload here. We’ll make sure it’s edited, proofread, and laid out. We have English, French and Spanish covered, but we can always use the help with other languages.

   APP Oral Piercing Risks and Safety Measures Brochure Picking Your Piercer Brochure APP Troubleshooting Brochure Jewelry for Initial Piercings  Preparing for Medical and Dental Procedures

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