The Point Podcast

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  • 2016 Q3 Point Podcast
    In this episode:
    • We hear from incoming board members.
    • We learn about the online Bloodborne Pathogens course.
    • We talk about the Mentor program at conference.
    • We get an overview of the conference schedule.
  • 2016 Q1 Point Podcast
    • In this month’s episode John and Julie talk to Christina Shull about jewelry inventory
    • Ryan Ouellette and Brian Moeller about downsizing, and
    • Bethrah Szumski and Julian Ganesha about the first ever APP member’s retreat.
  • 2015 Q2 Point Podcast
    • In this episode of the Point Podcast John Johnson talks to Gus Diamond about 20 years of conferences
    • Julie Taylor interviews Kendra Jane about preparing for conference and the Mentor Program.
    • Member studio reviews and the new online Bloodborne Pathogens courses are discussed.
    • Also, Julie explains conference attendance for non-industry visitors.
  • 2015 Q1 Point Podcast
    • Julie Taylor from Skin Decision Piercing & Tattoo Studio in Truro, NS makes her first appearance as co-host.
    • The APP’s Outreach committee introduces a new postcard to help clients evaluate studios.
    • Kenneth Plimpton from A Thin Line Tattoo in Plainfield, Il and APP member Monica Sabin from Dungeon Tattoo & Body Piercing in Orlando, FL tell us about their conference experiences.
  • 2014 Q2 Point Podcast
  • 2014 Q1 Point Podcast
  • 2013 Point Podcast June Episode 5
    APP 2013 Conference and Expo
  • 2013 Point Podcast March Episode 4
    Julie Taylor tells us about
    Julie Taylor tells us about APP Outreach

    Ryan Ouellette
    Ryan Ouellette describes APP social media and invites you to participate
  • 2012 The Point Podcast September Episode 3
    APP VP John Johnson explains APP Business membership

    Former board member Luis Garcia discusses needle quality
    Former APP board member Luis Garcia discusses needle quality

    APP conference participant Rob Hill tells us about Earmageddon
    APP conference participant Rob Hill tells us about Earmageddon
  • 2012 The Point Podcast May Episode 2
    • Jewelry for Healed Piercings
    • Ashley Misako
      New Outreach Coordinator Ashley Misako
    • Legislation with Steve Joyner
  • 2011 The Point Podcast Fall Episode 1
    • Your host: APP Vice President John Johnson
      interviews  colleagues and discusses the Picking your piercer brochure.
    • APP Outreach Coordinator Dana Dinius shares the APP outreach calendar of events
    • APP Medical Director Rick Frueh discusses updates to the Procedure Manual
    • Picking Your Piercer Brochure
      Picking your Piercer

The APP now offers an audio presentation called “The Point Podcast.” This is a downloadable MP3 for your computer or MP3 player.  Like the printed version of The Point, episodes are available quarterly with segments that feature piercing safety information for the public and professional industry, and interviews with APP members and industry leaders. We hope this presentation helps make piercing safety information more available for anyone who needs it.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to Committee Member John Johnson

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