Poanson dorit – Dead RockStar

Tipul postului: Poanson dorit

Numele companiei: Dead RockStar

Locația de locuri de muncă: Fargo, North Dakota

Descrierea postului: We are currently seeking an experienced body piercer, with at least 2 years of shop experience and familiarity with the APP, to join our crew.
The position would require 20-30 hours a week and we are flexible with scheduling.
Înfiinţată în 2002, we are an established body art shop with a loyal clientele and a great reputation. Feel free to review our website and contact us with any questions you may have. Multumesc!

Numele persoanei de contact: Chuck

emailul de contact: chuck@deadrockstar.net

Site-ul: HTTP://www.deadrockstar.net

Mai sunt membri ai APP angajat la acest studio?: DA! Sunt membri ai APP angajați la acest studio.