Issue 83

The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 83 - Performance Art/PreConferenceClick the cover image to view a downloadable pdf version of this issue. It is also accessible in an e-reader, page-flip version; read The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 83 on Issuu.

In this issue:
From the Editors
    * Kendra Jane B
    * Marina Pecorino
    * Jim Ward
President's Corner: My Journey with Fakir - Jef Saunders
Conference Performance Art Highlights
    * Piercing in Performance: Recollections from Five Artists
        -- Ron Athey
        -- Lukas Zpira
        -- Darryl Carlton
        -- Allen Falkner
        -- Steve Joyner
    * Body Probe: A History & Theory of Piercing in Performance
        -- Dominic Johnson
The Perforated Body
The Mentor Program - Cale Belford
    * Johnny Velez
    * Kelly Carvara
    * Pablo Perelmuter
Fakir Musafar - Interview by Sean Dowdell
Performance Art Suspensions - Daniel Thomas
Suspensions - Håvve Fjell
Eden Thomson/Skindependent
Performance Art by Dee
Santa Sangre Body Rituals
- Darkam & Beto
Performance Art - Hika K.
    * Interview with Noema Pasquali
Louis Fleischauer - Interview by Hika K.
Jonathan "Jon John" Arias - by Paul King