Issue 84

The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 84 - Post-Conference / Performance Art - The En(CoRE)Click the cover image to view a downloadable pdf version of this issue (great for printing!) It is also accessible in an e-reader, page-flip version; read The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 84 on Issuu.

In this issue:
From the Editors
    - Kendra Jane B
    - Marina Pecorino
Membership Infographics Explained - Marina Pecorino
The Opening Pool Party - Photos by Shanna Hutchins
The Al D. Scholars
    - Anji Amarjargal
    - Becky Crossan
    - Daniel Wright
    - Debbie Moore
    - Jon Salzer
    - Zakk Boyer
Volunteer Thank You - Caitlin McDiarmid
The Body Piercing Archive Exhibit - Nick Johnson
The Banquet - Kendra Jane B
Volunteer Appreciation Award: Theo Sheffler - Caitlin McDiarmid
Creative Innovator Award: Onetribe's "Topo" Design - Interview by Marina Pecorino
Technical Innovator Award: Auris Jewellery's "Magdustrial" - Interview by Kendra Jane B
Memories of Las Vegas - Photos by Jodi Harris
Piercing with Steve Joyner - Interview by Sean Dowdell (reprinted with permission from Inkspired Magazine issue 22)
CoRE--Constructs of Ritual Evolution
We Are CoRE
 - Kenny Hughes
Looking Back at Performance Art: Excerpts from Piercing Fans International Quarterly (reprinted with permission from Gauntlet Enterprises)