Issue 85

The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 85 - Our History: Where We Came FromClick the cover image to view a downloadable pdf version of this issue. It is also accessible in an e-reader, page-flip version; read The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 85 on Issuu.

In this issue:
From the Editors
    - Kendra Jane B
    - Marina Pecorino
President's Corner - Jef Saunders
In the Beginning There Was Gauntlet - Jim Ward
Back In The Day - Elayne Angel
Fakir Musafar (1930 - 2018) - Annie Sprinkle
APP Board Members & Officers History
Piercer Family Tree - Mic Rawls & Gene Gowen
APP Board Timeline
APP Conference... Then & Now
Meet the Body Piercing Archive
A Look Inside My Personal Library - Kendra Jane B
Camp APP, 2018 - A Letter From Shorty
Perfection Over Experience - John Joyce
New UKAPP Brochures
Russian APP (RuAPP) Conference - Arseniy Andersson