Issue 88

The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 88 - Post-ConferenceClick the cover image to view a print-ready downloadable pdf of this issue. It is also accessible in an e-reader friendly version through Issuu.

In this issue:
From the Editor - Marina Pecorino
The President's Corner - Cody Vaughn
The Silent Auction
Volunteers, Thank You - Jacob Spjut
Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Appreciation Award - Mark W. Montgomery
Scholarship Recipients
    - Al D. Scholar, Branko Branislav
    - Al D. Scholar, Danica Kamakana
    - Al D. Scholar, Kyla Hoffert
    - Al D. Scholar, Ryan Caruana
    - Al D. Scholar, Shelby Tarpley
    - Al D. Scholar, Šimon Sverák
    - Rick Frueh Memorial Scholar, Melissa Ray
    - Al D. Scholar, Victoria Rothman
    - Mark Siekierski Memorial Scholar, Christy Guare
Piercers of Color Conference Scholarship - Kookie Lynn
BPA: Fakir Musafar, In Pursuit of the Spirit - Devin Ruiz-Altamura
Creative Innovator Award: Onetribe's "Crystal Castle" Displays - Interview by Marina Pecorino
Technical Innovator Award: Gorilla Glass "Cells" Collection - Interview by Kristina Outland
The Golden Ticket Raffle
Upcoming Educational Conferences - Outreach Committee
The Remembrance Altar - Alicia Cardenas
APPE (Asociacion Profesional de Perforadores Espanoles) - Luis Garcia
2019 Members' Meeting Update
    - Membership Statistics -
 Marina Pecorino, Membership Administrator
    - Incoming and Outgoing Board of Directors
BPA Contributes to the Muse de L'Homme
Membership Committee Update - Monica Sabin, Membership Liaison
LBP 2019 Review - Luis Garcia
Female Genital Mutilation & Piercing in the UK - Lola Slider
Health Canada Warns about Gentian Violet