Issue 89

The Point - Journal of Body Piercing: Issue 89 - Creating Community in Uncertain Times

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In this issue:
From the Editor - Marina Pecorino
The President's Corner - Cody Vaughn
APP Recommended Response & Recovery post-COVID 19 - Interim Protocol
APP Expanded Educational Resources
COVID & APP Events
COVID & The Body Art Industry

- Megan Naito
- Annie Patrick Buechlein
- Shwayze
- Samantha Jones
- Marina Pecorino
- Nicole Slavich
- Leah Sarah Kent
- Haley Grumbles

Creating an Inclusive Studio Environment - Vicky Ticky Williams
Facemask Best Practices
How to Hand Wash
The Gay Ear - Lynn Loheide & Margo Dellaquilla
From the Body Piercing Archive Exhibit 2019: Fakir Musafar - Dustin Allor
Membership Committee Update - Monica Sabin
POC Scholarship Update - Kookie Lynn
Camp APP Review - Angel Horsley
UKAPP Review - W. Barron
Grupo de Estudos de Piercing (GEP) Review - Bethrah Szumski
Gentian Violet Concerns & Alternatives - Brian Skellie