Piercer Потрібні – Good Life

Тип роботи: Piercer Потрібні

Назва компанії: Good LifeBody Piercing + Fine Jewelry

Робота Розташування: Akron, Огайо

Описання роботи: HIRING FULL TIME PIERCING POSITION @ Good LifeBody Piercing + Fine Jewelry

Want to work at a medium-high volume studio with a fast paced environment, an incredible team of APP member Piercer’s and an out of this world support/counter staff?

Would it just tickle your fancy to be able to work with a HUGE inventory of BVLA & ANATOMETAL GOLD??!!

Well then

Can you provide a fun and safe piercing experience for our loyal clientele of students, families and kids ages 5 & up?

We are looking for someone who:
•is able to start ASAP
•has at least 3yrs piercing experience
•wants to work full time
•can provide a fun and safe piercing experience with professionalism through and through especially bedside
•can provide clients with proper care instructions and experienced trouble shooting skills
•is an APP member or wants to be
•has some experience w/ high quality jewelry & thread less gold
•is self motivated, організована & has that PMA
•is willing to relocate to beautiful, sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, hot, cold & icee Akron, Огайо.

*Competitive pay w/ a well tipping clientele.

Interested? Please send inquiries to jeremiahadamcurrier@gmail.com

***Please include date of availability, links to social media accounts and any ?’S that you might have. Також, please attach resume if one is available.

Thank You.

Ім'я контакту: Jeremiah Currier

Контактний Email: jeremiahadamcurrier@gmail.com

Веб-сайт: HTTP://goodlifeakron.com

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