Piercer Потрібні – Krahnic Body Art

Тип роботи: Piercer Потрібні

Назва компанії: Krahnic Body Art

Робота Розташування: Бойсе, Айдахо

Описання роботи: Looking for an experienced, confident piercer/counter sales person, APP member preferred, capable of working with clients without assistance, as the primary piercer in the studio. Must have studio experience and a portfolio. Seeking a motivated, long term employee willing to help expand the piercing end of a small, established, high end APP member owned studio.
I have a large house with an extra room available if needed. Krahnic Body Art is a small studio with a solid reputation for quality, StatIM 2000, and the best selection of quality jewelry in the area. We stock lots of NeoMetal, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Diablo Organics etc. Must be enthusiastic, work well with the public and have good bedside manner. Must maintain a consistent work schedule. No egos, drama or drug’alcohol problems.

Ім'я контакту: Chris Krahn

Контактний Email: me@krahnic.com

Веб-сайт: HTTP://www.krahnic.com

Чи є зайняті члени АПП в цій студії?: YES! Є члени АПП, які використовуються в цій студії.