Piercer Потрібні – Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing

Тип роботи: Piercer Потрібні

Назва компанії: Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing

Робота Розташування: North Lake Tahoe, Каліфорнія

Описання роботи: Full or part time position. Seasonal or long term. Must have 2 years of in shop experience AND cpr/first aid training.

Temporary housing available.

Job includes assisting tattoo clients as well. General shop maintenance. Must know how to use a broom.

Status as indie contractor OR salary. You can choose. Commission on all jewelry sales.

Drama? Drunk? Baby Daddy Issues? Do NOT bother to apply. We have a 5 star average since 2001 and want to keep it that way. Family owned and operated.

Ім'я контакту: Kathleen Langley

Контактний Email: lucky7tattoo@sbcglobal.net

Веб-сайт: HTTP://www.lucky7tattoos.com

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