Vendor Registration


We are happy to announce for our 24th year we celebrate our first year at Planet Hollywood! Join us in the heart of the strip at Planet Hollywood - just on the other side of Paris from Bally's (our former location).  When you stay at Planet Hollywood, the celebrity lifestyle is yours for the living, and fame lies around every corner. Whether you’re dancing to the hottest beats at Koi Lounge or finding the perfect outfit at Miracle Mile Shops, Planet Hollywood sets the bar for fun things to do in Vegas– all day, all night. Planet Hollywood transforms any Conference into a red carpet affair and makes every Attendee feel like a star.  

Our educational-based Conference is the only one of its kind, dedicated solely to Body Piercing, attracting more than 1000 participants every year. Nowhere else will you be able to talk with as many piercers at one event, nor meet with the leaders in the industry. Our attendees know that this is THE event to meet the best of our Industry’s vendors of jewelry, products, and industry related services. Piercers come prepared to purchase stock for their studios, try out new products, and meet the Vendors face to face.

We encourage those Vendors who may not be in the Piercing Industry, but whose product(s) are of interest to those in the Body Modification Industry to consider vending with us as well. Our speakers, attendees and vendors gather just this one time a year to share information, discuss innovations in the industry, and socialize at this week long event. Please come join us!

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (866) 919-7472


Planet Hollywood is our host hotel, and the APP reserves a block of rooms for attendees of the Conference. When making your reservation, request rates for The Association of Professional Piercers. By booking in the APP room block you are supporting our event. The APP is able to expand its budgets for Conference instructors, perks, and events when the room block is filled. Staying in the host hotel fosters a bigger sense of community at the event and keeps you close to your “home base” for the week!
$199 Friday / Saturday Nights
$109 Sunday - Thursday Nights

Please note that special requests such as non-smoking room, connecting or adjoining rooms, room location, king or double-double bed type, etc. are subject to availability at the time of check-in.

Rates are net, non-commissionable and will be subject to Clark County Room Tax (~13%)

APP attendees will be making reservations directly with Hotel. Attendees may call Hotel on or before the cut-off date. Individuals must identify themselves as part of the Association of Professional Piercers to receive the special Group rate. All reservations must be guaranteed with a deposit for the first night's guestroom and tax charge. If reservation is guaranteed to a credit card, the first night's guestroom and tax charge, per guestroom, will be billed immediately to the cardholder's account.

Attendees will have to pay a mandatory daily  resort fee (at a reduced rate) and tax.

Hotel allows individual cancellations without penalty up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the attendees’ scheduled arrival date. Hotel shall charge the individual attendee one (1) night’s guaranteed guestroom rate plus tax for cancellation within seventy-two (72) hours of the scheduled arrival date or failure of the individual to check-in on the scheduled arrival date. Any remaining nights of a “no-show” reservation will be canceled. It is policy to require a credit card or cash deposit for incidental charges.

Hotel accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Diners Club.

Check-in time is 4:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM. Any departures after 11:00 AM are subject to the full day charge.

Each guestroom must have at least one registered guest twenty-one (21) years of age or older.


Registration is available online only. If you need assistance in registering online please contact Us. Our registration process is quite easy,  and most vendors do not have any troubles getting their registration completed in just a few minutes!  VENDOR REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON APRIL 12TH!


Booth Details
Expo booth spaces are 10’ x 10’. Each booth includes one 8ft table, and two chairs in your booth price. Each booth will be separated by sidewall drapes 3ft high, and backwall drape 8ft high. Basic Id signs are provided. Any additional furniture, cases, chairs, services, and accessories will need to be brought by the vendor or ordered from Exhibitor Services. Electrical, phone and/or data lines will be obtained through the host hotel or its service providers, information for these services however will be in the Exhibitor Services materials. 
Additional furniture – electrical – data/wifi are NOT included in the booth price.

Preferred* Vendor Registration will likely open October 21st
Preferred Vendors are those who vended with us the previous year
All Vendor Registration Starts – late November

2018 COSTS (2019 TBD)
Early Registration (before February 13)
With Raffle Donation: Initial booth $725.00, each additional booth $675.00
Without Raffle Donation: Initial booth $775.00; each additional booth $725.00
- Raffle Donation must be worth $50/wholesale per booth; if prize is not donated by deadline vendor will be charged the $50/booth.

Late Registration (February 13 or after)
With Raffle Donation: Initial Booth $775.00, each additional booth $725.00
Without raffle donation: Initial booth $825.00, each additional booth $775.00
- Raffle Donation must be worth $50/wholesale per booth; if prize is not donated by deadline vendor will be charged the $50/booth.

Special Rates exist for Non-Profit; or Educational Based Companies – please contact the APP

The APP recognizes that the first year vending can be financially challenging for new vendors. In 2019 APP will have 1/2 booths available at the back of the hall for vendors who are new to our show. These booths will be $350.00 each with raffle donation or $375.00 without; and increase by $50 after February 13. These booths are available only to new vendors and will be limited in number. Vendors opting for this location can only rent a single 1/2 booth space. Booth spaces will be 5 x 10 with a table and chairs provided. BEFORE YOU REGISTER - Contact the APP for your discount code!
Select booths at the back of the hall will come with a 25% discount.  Vendors will have the ability during registration to select this option.  Vendors selecting this option are not limited in booth number (but may be limited by layout).

Take One Table - $100.00
Want to get your message to our Attendees but can’t attend the Conference this year? Consider putting materials out on our “Take-One” Table. Contact the APP Office for more information. Vendors who choose this option will need to pay for and arrange for their own shipping/receiving to the show site.

Registering Vendor Workers
Vendors can register their workers during their initial registration process or return to their registration later and add them. These individuals can also register themselves at a later date. Workers who also plan on taking classes should register as Attendees and select the Vendor Badge as an optional item (they should not be registered as Vendor Workers).  See more details under Badges section

If a Vendor cancels before February 26th  the APP will refund 50% of the contracted space. After said date, the exhibitor forfeits the entire payment. This policy is FIRM. Please make sure you are able and willing to make the show prior to booking and committing to your booth(s).

Please read the following – even if you have vended with us before – our policies are updated every year and may have changed!

Booths are assigned based on the following:
  • Sponsorship (paid for in full) - as indicated in the sponsorship description (not all sponsorships provide this benefit). Sponsorships paid after registration lose their booth location benefit; this benefit is also lost if sponsoring after February 13th.  Not all sponsorships come with a booth benefit; read the details of each sponsorship.
  • APP Corporate Sponsor designation
  • Preferred Vendor status (were a vendor in 2018)
  • Date registration completed (paid for in full)
The APP will consider all location requests and do their best to accommodate all vendors. Decisions by the APP are final. Requests for a specific location or “neighboring” vendors must be received by February 5, 2019. Booth Assignments will be announced via email. A map of the booth assignments will be available soon after booths are assigned, upon request.

Sharing Booths/Special Layouts:
Vendors can share individual booths – but pricing for “sharing” multiple booths will be as follows:
  • Company A and Company B share a single booth: They split cost of initial booth price
  • Company A and Company B “share” two booths: They each pay the initial booth price for their booth.
  • Company A and Company B “share” three booths: Companies are charged for 2 initial booths; with one additional at the reduced price.
Companies are not allowed to book secondary booths which are not connected to their initial booths without paying initial booth pricing for the separated location (unless there is no room next to their other booths).
Companies are allowed to host/sponsor other companies within their own booths (no matter the number of booths) but secondary companies will not be listed or promoted in Conference materials.

Companies who are getting educational rates can only host other educational companies in their booth(s); any non-educational companies will be charged the pro-rated regular vendor rates.

For example: Educational Company A hosts non-educational Company B in a single booth; Company A pays ½ of the educational discounted rate; Company B pays ½ of the regular initial booth rate.

Sharing and Sponsorship:
In order for companies to receive the benefits of sponsoring – if they are sharing more than one booth with another company AND they want to listed/promoted in Conference Materials – both companies must sponsor.

No one will be allowed on the Exhibit Floor without a badge.

Prior to March 26th: Vendors receive (3) three free badges for the initial booth space. Vendors are allowed (2) two additional free badges for each additional booth space. Vendors are allowed to purchase (1) one additional badge per booth space at the rate of $15.00 per badge. If a Vendor is also a Speaker, they are allowed one additional free badge.

March 26th and after: ALL badges or badge changes will result in a $15.00 charge (each).
No-cost Temporary Badges will be issued during set up and breakdown. Temporary badges can only be used during set up and breakdown. They will not be valid to work at the booth once the floor is open to attendees or during the week during vendor only hours. No one is allowed on the floor during set-up and breakdown without a badge. Vendor Badges are NOT transferable. Vendors caught transferring badges may be evicted from the expo floor. All booths must be staffed when the Expo is open to attendees. Vendor badges do not allow you access into classes, those tickets/badges must be purchased separately - and you must then register as an Attendee.
No Vendor badges will be issued after 8pm on Tuesday-vendor workers requiring badges after this point will need to purchase an Attendee Expo Pass at attendee rate.

If a Vendor cancels before February 26th the APP will refund 50% of the contracted space. After said date, the exhibitor forfeits the entire payment. This policy is FIRM. Please make sure you are able and willing to make the show prior to booking and committing to your booth(s).

The APP requests that vendors who choose to attend our Conference are mindful of the APP standards for initial piercing body jewelry and bring jewelry that meets or exceeds this standard if selling jewelry which can be used in initial piercings. The APP encourages all its vendors to be respectful of their fellow vendors and to act professionally at all times**
See our information here on the Jewelry Standards set by our Piercers for Initial Piercings: APP Member Jewelry Standards

The APP reserves the right to refuse or rescind vending space at its discretion. During the Expo the APP reserves the right to restrict or relocate, at the exhibitor’s expense, any exhibit that because of noise, method of operation, traffic congestion, or any other reason, becomes objectionable. Exhibit demonstration must be confined within the boundaries of the respective booth(s).

Booth holding vendors are welcome to offer private product showings from their hotel room, however, no vending from hotel rooms will be tolerated.

Vendors are not allowed to have open flames, burn incense/candles, and/or smoke on the Expo Floor.

Violation of the regulations as set out may result in eviction from the Conference, the expo floor, the hotel and/or restriction from future Conferences. In the event of vendor restriction or eviction, the APP is not liable for any damages, nor will it refund exhibit fees or expenses.

Companies selling products must comply with all state and local sales permits, and requirements. All product and jewelry materials, in particular natural or wildlife, must have been legally mined, harvested, imported, obtained and/or fashioned.

The APP requires that its vendors remain open during the hours of the Exposition. Leaving early on the closing day or failure to adequately “man” your booth during the Exposition can result in a $100.00 fine per booth space. If a vendor must leave due to illness/family emergency, they must discuss this matter with a Board Member or Conference Manager prior to departure in order to avoid potential fines.

The APP hires security to guard the Exhibit Hall after the floor has closed. Once the hall closes no one is allowed back in. Vendors are responsible for making sure all necessary belongings are taken with them when the hall closes for the night.

The Exhibitor Services company will be in charge of shipped materials. They will provide a kit which has information regarding shipping, storage and additional services (electric, computer lines, and AV information will be provided by them but are contracted through other agencies).

Onsite Labor
All work involved in the erection, touch-up painting, dismantling, and repair of all exhibits when done by persons other than your full-time company personnel will fall under union jurisdiction. This work is to include wall coverings, floor coverings, pipe and drape, painting, hanging of signs and/or decorative materials from the ceiling, placement of all signs, and the erection of platforms used for the exhibit purpose.

Materials Handling/Freight Handling
All work involved in loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, and common & contract carriers as well as the handling of empty crates and the operation of material handling equipment is under union jurisdiction. The Union also has the jurisdiction of the unloading, uncrating, unskidding, leveling, painting, and assembly of machinery and equipment as well as the reverse process. An exhibitor may “hand-carry” material provided they do not use material handling equipment (nothing with wheels). This also defined by the Vendor making one trip and one trip only with the materials. When exhibitors do choose to hand carry they may not be permitted access to the loading dock/freight door areas. Another entrance will be assigned. All exhibitors are expected to comply with any union requirements in effect. Further information can be found in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Early Arrivals
Vendors should be aware that the Contracted Hotel is under no obligation to allow freight through the front door of the hotel. In fact most hotels prohibit this. Freight should be moved in through the appointed service/area loading dock during scheduled move-in times with the appointed Exhibitor Services Company. The hotel is under no obligation to store materials on behalf of the vendors prior to/after the event. Vendors should utilize the Exhibitor Services Warehouse for storage in advance of the show (requires shipping or early drop off) or make their own arrangements for storage in Vegas. Vendors cannot store materials in their hotel rooms which have not been or do not first get brought onto the Exposition Floor.  Vendors are allowed to remove items for overnight storage from the Expo Floor.