Piercer Wanted – Big Top Tattoos

Loại công việc: Piercer Wanted

Tên công ty: Big Top Tattoos

Nơi làm việc: Pekin, THE

Mô tả công việc: Big Top Tattoos in Pekin, IL is an established tattoo and piercing studio with a robust client base and strategies to expand and grow the business. Over the last decade, we established a solid reputation for ourselves, and we have a high demand for face and body piercings. We pride our shop on delivering an outstanding customer experience by keeping the place clean beyond expectations and by offering skilled, thân thiện, professional service at reasonable rates.

What you need to make the team:
Organized: Know where everything is and when your appoints will be showing up, nobody likes to wait these days
Friendly: We take pride in seeing our customers drop by, even when they don’t need a piercing or tattoo, but because they have such a good experiencewe expect you to keep up
Team Player: You have to enjoy working with others, and be ready and willing to help out, and to take helpthere’s no room for hermits here
Cleanliness / Hygeine: You keep your work area neat, organized and sanitized, and you’re not the stinky kidnobody wants to hang out with the stinky kid
– Kinh nghiệm: We’d prefer someone with 3 – 5 years of experience and a good portfolio of work to look through along with solid references

If you have habits, can’t seem to show up to work on time, aren’t willing to work a schedule other than your own, or have a generally bad attitudesave your time and ours and don’t bother respondinng!

To set up an interview, call the shop or hit apply now, include your in-shop experience. If you call the shop, ask to talk to Johnmarc. (309) 267 – 5405

Tên người liên hệ: Johnmarc Everly

Liên hệ Email: info@scribe309.com

Trang web: https://www.facebook.com/bigtoptattoos/

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