Interested in volunteering with the Association of Professional Piercers?

The way to proceed depends on if you'd like to write for The Point, volunteer at Conference, or work on committee projects.

The Point: Journal of Body Piercing is a forum for anyone to contribute articles that relate to our industry. Past issues have included articles from not only APP Members and other professional piercers, but also jewelry manufacturers, health inspectors, legislators, and others who have something to say unique to us and about us. Material submitted for publication is subject to editing. Submissions should be sent via email to editor@safepiercing.org.
Kendra Jane B & Caitlin McDiarmid - APP Conference & Exposition 2018
Conference Volunteers consist of three kinds of volunteers:

1. Al D. Scholarship recipients
2. Former Al D. Scholars & former Volunteer Underground members who have been offered a position on the team. These positions come with benefits, required hours, and significant training.
3. Volunteer Underground - casual volunteers, helpers to other volunteers; no compensation, no required hours, and no training (except onsite/immediate if needed.)

Unless you apply for and receive an Al D. Scholarship - you would be on the Volunteer Underground initially. Conference Volunteers do not need to be APP Members. Please contact Caitlin McDiarmid at info@safepiercing.org if you are interested in being part of the Volunteer Underground.
2018 APP Conference & ExpositionAPP Committees occasionally add new members or need help with projects. These volunteers are chosen from people who have completed our Volunteer Survey. Non-members will need Board permission to join a committee. Please email Julie Taylor at volunteer@safepiercing.org if you are interested in completing the survey.

Current APP Committees:
Al D. Subcommittee - This subcommittee is responsible for reviewing Al D. scholarship applications and choosing the recipients.
Body Piercing Archive - The Body Piercing Archive is an ongoing project to collect, organize, and preserve historical information and artifacts pertaining to body piercing.
Conference Committee - Responsible for Conference planning and implementation.
Conference Operations Subcommittee - This subcommittee is responsible for planning procedures and workflows for the annual Conference and Exposition.
Legislation and Regulatory Affairs Committee - The Legislation and Regulatory Affairs Committee works with government officials, health inspectors, and piercers regarding changes to body modification legislation.
MemberLeap Subcommittee - Responsible for the planning, implementation, and upkeep of the MemberLeap system and membership associated records.
Membership Committee - The Membership Committee handles the review and acceptance of membership applications for new, renewing, and returning members.
Merchandise and Design Subcommittee - This subcommittee is responsible for planning and implementing merchandise and design aspects of the annual Conference and Exposition.
Outreach Committee - This committee is responsible for outreach to membership and prospective members.
Social Media/Print Media/Web Committees - This committee handles information and media shared through social media, print, and web distribution.
Speaker Operations Subcommittee - In charge of managing and assisting the speakers at Conference; from invitation to handouts, presentations, and AV needs. Can provide course development assistance if desired.