Interested in volunteering with the Association of Professional Piercers? The way to proceed depends on if you'd like to write for The Point, volunteer at Conference, or work on committee projects.
The Point: Journal of Body Piercing is a forum for anyone to contribute articles that relate to our industry. Past issues have included articles from not only APP Members and other professional piercers, but also jewelry manufacturers, health inspectors, legislators, and others who have something to say unique to us and about us. Material submitted for publication is subject to editing. Submissions should be sent via email to editor@safepiercing.org.
APP Committees occasionally add new committee members or need help with projects. These volunteers are chosen from people who have completed our Volunteer Survey. Non-members will need Board permission to join a committee. If you have any questions, please email Julie Taylor at volunteer@safepiercing.org.

Current APP Committees:2018 APP Conference & Exposition

  • Body Piercing Archive — Volunteers of the BPA are primarily local to San Francisco Bay Area, however help is sometimes needed for special projects off site. This includes setting up for the annual BPA Exhibit at APP Conference and for certain digital media projects.
  • Outreach Committee — Contributes to directing the “Voice of the APP” through print and digital media and other projects that share the mission statement of the APP with clients, industry professionals, and health care providers.
    • Outreach Committee: Social Media Committee — Providing clear communication channels between the organization and the public at large. This committee spends each year developing, sourcing, analyzing, and scheduling daily & weekly content posts across the organization's social media accounts (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, safepiercing.org, etc.)
  • Legislation & Regulatory Affairs — Monitors body piercing regulations around the United States, responds to inquiries as they come, observes and comments on regulations under review, staffs the APP exhibit at various health conferences, and gives relevant presentations by request. In the last few years this committee has worked closely with NEHA and AFDO contributing to the Body Art Model Code.
  • Conference Committee — Dedicated to making the annual APP Conference an exciting event for all attendees.
    • Conference Subcommittee: Conference Operations — Provide event management and operations.
    • Conference Subcommittee: Graphic Design and Merchandise — Make initial selections and do research on merchandise, apparel, giveaways; help plan the design to work with the annual theme.
    • Conference Subcommittee: Speaker Operations — Work directly with the speakers of the event both in advance and onsite.
  • Membership Committee — Spreads the message of the APP through assisting piercers in areas of health and safety, helping them to meet the APP’s minimum standards. Committee duties include, but are not limited to, reviewing applications for membership, navigating membership software, answering questions via email or in the various forums moderated by the APP, following up on imposter complaints, and contributing to projects involving the standards held by the APP.
    • Membership Committee: Compliance team — In order for an APP Member to stay in compliance with their membership, they must maintain up to date  Personal & Environmental Criteria (for example: First Aid, CPR, & BBP training, and Spore Tests) within their Member record on safepiercing.org. This team of Membership Committee volunteers utilizes our membership software to review, verify, and maintain compliance documents for existing Members.
    • Membership Committee: Impostor Complaint team — This volunteer team is a section of the Membership Committee that handles impostor complaints: false claims of membership made by non-member studios and/or individual piercers. Reports submitted officially to members@safepiercing.org are managed by this team. Responsibilities include being well versed in the logo agreement held by the organization, making phone calls, and/or sending emails to impostors, maintaining records, and following up on complaints.
  • Volunteer Team (non-conference) — This team is comprised of APP member volunteers that aim to pair members interested in volunteering with potential committees, teams, or projects. This team manages the member’s Volunteer Survey and its responses, as well as provides suggestions to committee chairs or project leaders for potential candidates.
  • Curriculum Committee — Keeping the education provided by the APP thorough, relevant, and progressive according to the APP’s mission statement, and to high standards. This includes APP Conferences, Camp APP, International Events, and Online Courses.
    • Curriculum Committee: Online Education Team
  • Camp APP — Assists as needed one week per year at our Members Only Retreat
  • Al D. Subcommittee — This subcommittee is responsible for reviewing Al D. scholarship applications and choosing the recipients.
  • MemberLeap Subcommittee — Responsible for the planning, implementation, and upkeep of the MemberLeap system and membership associated records.

Kendra Jane B & Caitlin McDiarmid - APP Conference & Exposition 2018
Conference Volunteers consist of three kinds of volunteers:
1. Al D. Scholarship recipients
2. Former Al D. Scholars & former Volunteer Underground members who have been offered a position on the team. These positions come with benefits, required hours, and significant training.
3. Volunteer Underground - casual volunteers, helpers to other volunteers; no compensation, no required hours, and no training (except onsite/immediate if needed.)

Unless you apply for and receive an Al D. Scholarship - you would be on the Volunteer Underground initially. Conference Volunteers do not need to be APP Members. Please contact Caitlin McDiarmid at info@safepiercing.org if you are interested in being part of the Volunteer Underground.